Episode 166 – The Red Guardian and Shang-Chi – An Arc Pre-cap with Brent O’Hara

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We’ve waited this long for Black Widow, so what’s another 2 months, right? And what better time than now to learn about the real Red Guardian behind David Harbour’s “Red Guardian”.

Brent O’Hara also gives us a primer on the MCU origins of Shang-Chi and what to look forward to later this year!

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Episode 161 – WandaVision Recap with Brent O’Hara

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It’s our first episode of 2021 and what better way to kick of the new year than with our favourite Marvel fan, Brent O’Hara!

After a long and complicated hiatus (we’re looking at you, “2020”), the MCU is finally back with WandaVision! Wanda and Vision are reunited under suspicious circumstances in the peculiar setting of Westview.

We don’t know much after only 3 episodes, but we think we may know a few things…

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Episode 157 – The Arc “Pre”cap – She-Hulk and Ms. Marvel

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Brent O’Hara is back with an all new episode for Marvel fans! If you like our Arc Recap series, we think you’ll really enjoy this special “pre”cap of a couple of exciting shows coming soon(ish) to Disney+!

Get a head start on your She-Hulk and Ms. Marvel storylines by checking out this week’s episode and, as always, thanks for listening!

Episode 151 – A King’s Sunset

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Welcome to Season 6! We’re glad to be back during these unusual times doing usual things. And, as usual, we had the pleasure of kicking off the new season with our guide to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Brent O’Hara.

In this episode we remember gifted actor, Chadwick Boseman and his tremendous accomplishments. Gone too soon, but never to be forgotten. The MCU will not be the same without him.

Episode 150: Everything is Fine

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It’s been an unusual year but we’re keeping on.  Join us as we celebrate our season 5 finale AND our 150th episode in the great outdoors!

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Episode 149 – The Arc Recap – Mk XX – Phil Coulson – Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.

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Agent Phil Coulson puts a bold exclamation point on Phase 2 of The Arc Recap with Brent O’Hara! Enjoy the story of the MCU, re-told through the lens of the original Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.!

And stay tuned! Our adventure continues in Phase 3…

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